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Welcome to Bank Card Checker. Do you run a shop or office where you need to take orders that are paid for by credit card over the phone? Need to check that the card information a customer is giving you is valid? With Bank Card Checker you can be sure that a card number is valid and perform extra checks on the card such as the Bank or financial institution that issued it, what country it was issued in, whether it is a company/corporate or personal card and whether it's a credit/debit/visa/mastercard etc.

This incredibly easy to use application lets you view Credit or Debit Card Issuer data on your iPhone as well as validating the card number. The App interrogates its internal database of Card Issuer data to tell you the name of the bank or financial institution, the country the card was issued in, whether the card is a consumer or corporate account and the scheme type (VISA Credit, VISA Debit, Mastercard Credit, Maestro etc) .

The App can determine Card Issuer data from just the first 9 digits of the card number. In order to check that the number is valid then the whole number must be entered. 

The internal database has hundreds of thousands of banks/financial institutions records in it ensuring that more than 99% of the worlds organisations are covered. The App will be updated regularly to ensure that the database stays up to date.

The App does not store any entered card data and does not connect to the internet to obtain issuer data.

The data entry screen is shown below:

An example result screens are shown below:


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