Dr Rhythm puts unique insights into written music notation in your pocket.

Hear and See the Rhythm

As your pattern is being played and you hear the rhythm, Dr Rhythm allows you to follow the current note or rest by highlighting it on the display so that you can see its contribution to the rhythm.

Have fun building your own rhythmic patterns, this will rapidly increase your music sight reading skills.

Music Notation Metronome

Use Dr Rhythm as a sophisticated music notation based metronome - you can program exactly the rhythmic sequence you wish. Drummers and percussionists can produce music notation based ‘click tracks’.

Play with Time Signature, Speed and Sounds

Change playback speed, time signature and playback instrument as the pattern plays. Playing with the app builds a solid sound memory for music notation patterns, increasing your sight reading abilities as you play and have fun!

Complex Rhythms become a breeze

Come across a tricky rhythm in a bar as you’re reading some music? Let Dr Rhythm show you how it’s supposed to sound. Tap it in, listen and then play along! Hear and see how the rhythm of written sheet or score music should sound.

Dr Rhythm user guide.

  • Enter note and rest values from whole note (semibreve) to thirty-second note (demisemiquaver).
  • Enter triplets, dotted and tied notes.
  • Full cut/copy/paste editing support with magnifying glass.
  • Display music on a neutral stave/staff or a percussion line.
  • Music auto scrolls during playback.
  • Playback speed is from 0 to 299 Beats per Minute (BPM).
  • Time Signature supports beats per bar from 1 to 16 and beat values from 1 (whole note/semibreve) to 16 (thirty-second note/demisemiquaver).
  • Sound Picker – Choose from dozens of sounds to assign to the metronome and pattern playback.
  • Sound Mixer - Pattern, metronome ticks and accents and phone volume controls.
  • Control playback with the iPod controls in your headset - Play/Pause and Next/Prev Tracks.
  • Play patterns through Apple TV via AirPlay!
  • Patterns can be saved for later playback.
  • Patterns are saved in MIDI file format for import into Sequencers and other music applications.
  • Share your patterns via iTunes file sharing, email or a web browser as Dr Rhythm has a built-in web server.

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