mi mic is an iOS audio recorder bursting with features and advanced usability!

Record without looking at screen!

The whole iPhone screen is a button and can control recording and with vibration feedback of record/pause, keep the phone in your pocket and record through your iPhone headphones microphone!

mi mic user manual

Walkie-Talkie Recording Mode

A unique way of recording is Squeeze Mode - just like using a Walkie-Talkie!. The iPhone only records while it is being 'squeezed' (3 fingers in contact with the screen). Turn the iPhone upside down, squeeze and you're recording! Release to pause.

Auto Recording - Stealth Mode!

In AUTO mode recording is triggered when it detects the sound level is above a configured level. It auto-pauses if the sound level drops too. Place mi mic on your desk in AUTO mode then just talk to it when you want to record something. mi mic will automatically record what you say and pause when you've finished keeping your recording file sizes nice and small. Leave mi mic next to your bed all night in AUTO mode to hear what you've been talking about in your sleep! Or your partners snoring of course! But instead of an 8 hour recording there'll just be a recording of the actual sounds made during the night!

Don't be put off by the low price this is a high quality product that is packed with features found in a lot more expensive apps.

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