Other Great FCSL Apps

Photo Sudoku

Take a photo of a sudoku puzzle in a newspaper, magazine or computer screen and start playing it!
Details here.

Magic Stave

Magic Stave listens to you singing or playing an instrument and displays the notes played on a music stave and piano keyboard (or guitar fretboard)!
Details here.

Dr Rhythm

Dr Rhythm allows you to hear and see the rhythm of written music. Tap in music from sheet music or score and watch Dr Rhythm show you the currently playing note or rest and hear the rhythm at the same time.
Details here.

Music Match

A great new fun way to learn music notation. Take some flash cards, mix up the questions & answers then hide them, then try to match them as quickly as you can – thats music match! As you try to match the tiles you’re up against the clock.
Details here.

mi light

mi light is a simple and clean LED Flashlight for iPhone 4. Almost whole screen is the control button. It’s free! (iAd supported). Three modes: Tap (LED on/off) and Press (LED on while screen is pressed) and Stroooooobe. Configure light to immediately turn on when App launches. Warning: Extended use of the LED flash will drain your battery! That’s it! Enjoy. PS iPhone 4 Only! (You knew that)
Details here.

Bank Card Checker

Bank Card Checker tells you the Bank or Financial Institution that issued any given credit/debit card by checking its huge internal database. Additionally it validates the card number.
The app does NOT connect to the internet to check the card.
Details here.

Tables Match

How do you get kids to learn times tables and make it fun? The answer is tables match! If you take some flash cards, mix up the questions & answers then hide them and try to match them you get tables match! A great way to quickly learn your multiplication tables. Just a few minutes a day playing this game will rapidly increase your recognition and recall.

Details here.

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