Magic Stave and iOS 9 Compatability

29 Sep

There are new iOS 9 compatible versions of Magic Stave, both free and premium versions with Apple awaiting approval and should be in the App Store in the next few days. Apologies for the delay in getting this update out.

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Dr Rhythm 1.4 Available now

09 May

The Dr Rhythm sharing features have been enhanced.

  • Dr Rhythm now supports Apple Airdrop. Send your recordings to other Apps on other iOS devices easily this way.
  • You can now upload your recordings to DROPBOX. If you’ve not used DropBox before give it a try it’s a great (free) way to store files on the Internet and have them synchronised to all your devices. From the recordings list, tap a recording and tap the action button, you’ll see DropBox there on the Airdrop menu.
  • You can now send a recording as an MMS attachment if you wish.
  • You can still email them too.

Magic Stave Version 2.0

28 Apr

Version 2.0 of Magic Stave is now in the Apple App store. This is a big update and has the following functional enhancements:

  • We now have MIDI file playback! There’s a shiny new MIDI player integrated into the App so that you can hear your MIDI recordings immediately. This conforms to the MIDI GM1 Patch Map Standard and has 128 sounds for you to choose from.
  • The MIDI recording engine has been totally rewritten. It is now much more accurate for instrument recording and hugely improved for voice. There’s a new associated MIDI recording configuration screen to allow user refinements to the MIDI recording process.
  • The way that MIDI recordings are shared has been completely rewritten. There is now DROPBOX integration! This is a super simple and easy way to move recordings from your iPhone to any other device that has access to your DROPBOX account. You can now send MIDI recordings as attachments to MMS messages too and email of course.
  • There’s a new recordings control panel to enable simple and intuitive recording and playback too.

Magic Stave MIDI Recorder really now enables musicians to record MIDI from acoustic instruments (piano, guitar etc.) and with just the App hear back the recorded MIDI using any of the 128 built-in sounds in the MIDI Player in the App.

See the new version in action in this short YouTube clip:

I hope you have fun with the new features.

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Magic Stave now has iPhone 5 Support

02 Jan

I’ve finally updated Magic Stave to support iPhone 5. The main benefits are that the larger screen size allows the display of more note history – up from 7 to 9 and a slightly less cramped screen. App Store Link is here. Main Screen shot is below:Magic Stave iPhone 5


New iPhone App Rcrdr

09 Dec

I’m a fan of Dieter Rams who heavily influenced Apples Jonathan Ives design of the classic iPod and Macs. Dieter is famous for his industrial design work at Braun and for his 10 classic design principles. I’ve taken these and used them to create a new Threshold based Audio Recorder “Rcrdr”. Here’s some images of the new app and some of the Dieter Rams work that inspired it. Here’s a link to Dieter Rams Wikipedia entry.
Click here to see Apple App Store details. Let me know what you think.


New iPhone App Photo Sudoku

13 May

App Store link here

I first started playing sudoku on my daily work commute playing the puzzles in newspapers. The only hassle was sometimes I hadn’t finished a puzzle and my journey ended and I didn’t really want to carry around newspapers just to finish off a puzzle or I’d get stuck on a puzzle and want to know the answer now rather than wait for the solution in the next days edition. I thought I’d get round this problem by getting my sudoku fix in an iPhone App. This soon became tedious as every iPhone App had a numeric keyboard of some sort for number entry which was quite unpleasant to use for any length of time pecking to and fro between puzzle and keypad. What I wanted didn’t exist in an iPhone App and that was how the idea for Photo Sudoku was born.

So in Photo Sudoku, you take photographs of puzzles in newspapers, magazines or take a screen grab on a puzzle from your favourite website and the App will convert the image into a playable puzzle. You can then play the game on the photograph or switch to a standard sudoku grid. Photo Sudoku does away with numeric keyboards too. You simply stroke the numbers into the squares. Stroke in direction of the number in the App icon (tap for 5, double tap to delete) and that will enter either that number as either a pencil mark or number depending on what entry mode you’re in.

So the end result is a super simple way to play puzzles taken from books, newspapers etc. You can instantly solve them if you want to check your own paper version or get hints and game statistics. Number entry is effortless and faster and more pleasant than paper and pen. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I do.

There’s some screen shots below:

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Dr Rhythm now has cut/copy/paste music editing

22 Feb

I’ve just sent a new version of Dr Rhythm (1.1.0) to Apple for approval. The main new features are:

. Full cut/copy/paste editing support.
. Magnifying glass support for cursor positioning.
. Support for overwriting amended sequences or saving as new.
. New auto-scroll button on top toolbar.

The editing support has been made as consistent with cut/paste support in the Notes App as possible. You can cut and paste between sequences too. Single tap to move the edit cursor to a new location. Tap the cursor again to display the selection edit menu. The default selection is the current bar that the cursor is in. Once a selection is displayed it can be resized by dragging the grab handles of the selection region. The cut, copy and paste edit menu with then be displayed.

If you have a region selected and then press a note/rest the selected region is removed and replaced with the entered note.

The new editing capabilities mean that I’ve had to move the auto-scrolling feature to a separate button on the notes toolbar too.
I’ll post a video demo on youtube soon to show it.

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mi mic audio recorder auto mode demo

16 Jan

If you’ve ever wondered how to set the auto recording trigger threshold on mi mic here’s a quick demo. A picture (or video in this case!) really is worth a thousand words:

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New Version of Dr Rhythm available 1.0.3

06 Jan

Apple have just released my latest version of Dr Rhythm. There’s a mixture of bug fixes and new functionality:

1. Added support for remote control of the App via iPod controls. You can play/pause next/previous sequences you’ve saved just like music tracks now.
2. Fixed bug whereby if you launched the iPod after running Dr Rhythm then returned to Dr Rhythm it remained silent.
3. Fixed bug whereby loading a new sequence while current one was playing didn’t update the main music display.
4. Fixed bug where some Italian BPM terms couldn’t be selected directly.

Time to start looking at what features to add next – let me know what features you’d like! So far I’ve had requests for:
1. Melody entry
2. More ‘word processor’ like editing of sequences.
3. Printing support
4. Conversion of sequences into audio tracks.
5. Multiple Rhythm tracks


Bug in Dr Rhythm version 1.0.0, fixed in 1.0.1 now available in App Store

26 Dec

There’s a bug in the initial version of the App that prevents you adding notes to an initial empty stave. I’ve found and fixed it. The fixed version 1.0.1 is now available in the App Store. Apologies for this initial problem.

*** Please delete the 1.0.0 version of the App before installing the new version. ***

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