Dr Rhythm now has cut/copy/paste music editing

22 Feb

I’ve just sent a new version of Dr Rhythm (1.1.0) to Apple for approval. The main new features are:

. Full cut/copy/paste editing support.
. Magnifying glass support for cursor positioning.
. Support for overwriting amended sequences or saving as new.
. New auto-scroll button on top toolbar.

The editing support has been made as consistent with cut/paste support in the Notes App as possible. You can cut and paste between sequences too. Single tap to move the edit cursor to a new location. Tap the cursor again to display the selection edit menu. The default selection is the current bar that the cursor is in. Once a selection is displayed it can be resized by dragging the grab handles of the selection region. The cut, copy and paste edit menu with then be displayed.

If you have a region selected and then press a note/rest the selected region is removed and replaced with the entered note.

The new editing capabilities mean that I’ve had to move the auto-scrolling feature to a separate button on the notes toolbar too.
I’ll post a video demo on youtube soon to show it.

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