Dr Rhythm 1.4 Available now

09 May

The Dr Rhythm sharing features have been enhanced.

  • Dr Rhythm now supports AppleĀ Airdrop. Send your recordings to other Apps on other iOS devices easily this way.
  • You can now upload your recordings to DROPBOX. If you’ve not used DropBox before give it a try it’s a great (free) way to store files on the Internet and have them synchronised to all your devices. From the recordings list, tap a recording and tap the action button, you’ll see DropBox there on the Airdrop menu.
  • You can now send a recording as an MMS attachment if you wish.
  • You can still email them too.
  1. Rainer

    June 2, 2014 at 1:57 pm

    Wonderful app for learning and experimenting rhythms. Most flexible rhythm app i have seen.
    I use it almost every day.
    Almost every rhythm is possible to create and change and listening to- so it is the best learning tool for me.
    Especially the export to dropbox is a great feature.
    I hope, you can improve this excellent piece of software further.
    Would love to see it in a universal version