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Magic Stave Version 1.1.2 in Review with Apple

31 Mar

Latest version of Magic Stave is with Apple now and should be available within a few days. The two main enhancements are a brand new Cent Tuning Meter. I’ve made the numeric cent value clearer and given the whole meter a more 3 dimensional look making it more consistent with the rest of the buttons and controls.
The second update will only be apparent to owners of first generation iPhones. I’d accidentally introduced a bug that meant that note recognition was either not working at all or very unreliable. The problem is that 1st generation iPhones have reduced hardware sampling capabilities (8Khz) to 3G and 3GS iPhones (44.1KHz) and this needed to be taken into account properly. Anyway all fixed now and the performance of Magic Stave on a 1st generation iPhone is quite comparable to 3G & 3GS phones.
Now back to the prototyping the scrolling stave…


Magic Stave 1.1.1 Upgrade With Apple Review Team Now

23 Mar

Another upgrade to Magic Stave will be available very shortly. I’ve added a couple of features that users have requested. The first one is a graphical Cent Tuning Meter. Instead of a numeric readout of the current Cent value there’s a simple meter that gives a quick visual indication of how sharp or flat the currently detected note is. I hope folks prefer it.

The second feature upgrade is the ability to access recordings on the phone from a browser on your desktop computer. Depending on your browser and it’s plugins you’ll be able to either just click a recording to hear it via a midi player plugin (QuickTime in Safari for example) or ‘right-click’ it to copy it and play it with your favourite sequencer application that can import midi files. To access this feature go to the midi files list via the Midi Recording recordings list button on the main music display then press the Wifi Sync button in the top right corner of the screen. This will then display a URL that you must type into your browser to access your recordings.

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Magic Stave 1.1.0 released

16 Mar

Finally, Magic Stave 1.1.0 has been approved by Apple and is now downloadable. It’s taken quite a bit longer than I expected to add MIDI recording capability to the App. The main challenges have been implementing a note onset detection mechanism that was reliable enough. I’m still not 100% happy with the current implementation, but for fixed pitch instruments such as pianos it’s pretty accurate. Getting good results for the voice is a lot more challenging! Especially when your singing is as bad as mine! The things I’ve realised is that when singing your (my) voice actually ‘slides’ into the note you want to sing. Magic Stave detects this and of course adds this to the MIDI file. There is potential scope for some intelligent filtering of this sliding and I’m thinking about how this might be implemented now. The thing about MIDI recording is that it can only be as good as the sound that Magic Stave can listen to – garbage in, garbage out as my old computer science lecturers used to say. Here’s a youtube demo.