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New iPhone App Photo Sudoku

13 May

App Store link here

I first started playing sudoku on my daily work commute playing the puzzles in newspapers. The only hassle was sometimes I hadn’t finished a puzzle and my journey ended and I didn’t really want to carry around newspapers just to finish off a puzzle or I’d get stuck on a puzzle and want to know the answer now rather than wait for the solution in the next days edition. I thought I’d get round this problem by getting my sudoku fix in an iPhone App. This soon became tedious as every iPhone App had a numeric keyboard of some sort for number entry which was quite unpleasant to use for any length of time pecking to and fro between puzzle and keypad. What I wanted didn’t exist in an iPhone App and that was how the idea for Photo Sudoku was born.

So in Photo Sudoku, you take photographs of puzzles in newspapers, magazines or take a screen grab on a puzzle from your favourite website and the App will convert the image into a playable puzzle. You can then play the game on the photograph or switch to a standard sudoku grid. Photo Sudoku does away with numeric keyboards too. You simply stroke the numbers into the squares. Stroke in direction of the number in the App icon (tap for 5, double tap to delete) and that will enter either that number as either a pencil mark or number depending on what entry mode you’re in.

So the end result is a super simple way to play puzzles taken from books, newspapers etc. You can instantly solve them if you want to check your own paper version or get hints and game statistics. Number entry is effortless and faster and more pleasant than paper and pen. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I do.

There’s some screen shots below:

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